In 2006, Tapao Agri-Ventures, Inc. (TAV) was established in a 8.5ha. property in San Clemente, Tarlac as an integrated farm using commercial and traditional farming and agricultural technologies to engage in the business of livestock raising; growing of vegetables, fruits, herbs and hardwood trees.  It also aimed to pursue allied undertakings such as but not limited to the trading of feeds and its own farm products in wholesale or retail.

From a purely financial objective, it decided to shift its operations from commercial to organic farming and agricultural technologies. Recognizing the rising incidence of human mortality related to food produced commercially, it saw a big opportunity in providing natural and/or organic products. The shift eventually evolved to a HEALTH ADVOCACY which became the company’s vision.


 “To give people the power to protect their health through naturally- grown and probiotic foods.” 


Our Health Advocacy is to offer farm products through a combination of organic and natural farming methods to live close to natural living.

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